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Chile-Based Screen Capital Launches $20 Million Investment Fund for Video Games, VR, OTTs, XR, Apps (EXCLUSIVE)

Three years after it unveiled a $20 million venture capital fund aimed at bolstering film and TV series, Chile-based Screen Capital has introduced a second investment fund, Screen II, which will support projects in the digital entertainment arena: Video games, Virtual Reality, OTT platforms, Extended Reality (XR), apps etc.

Screen Capital is co-founded by former Chile Film Commissioner Joyce Zylberberg and Tatiana Emden, who once headed Chile’s Development Fund, and has among its key partners, Edgar Spielmann, ex-VP and COO of Fox Networks Group Latin America.

The Screen II investment fund is backed by a mix of public and private sector investors, the latter led by Mexican producer Alex Garcia of AG Studios, who has invested in a slew of film, TV, music and tech projects in the past years. 


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